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New Jersey College & University Directory, by Sector
New Jersey Virtual University
"Making the most of distance learning opportunities at the NJ Colleges & Universities"
New Jersey Virtual Community College Consortium

Public Schools

New Jersey School Directory
School Report Card
School Report Cards provided by the New Jersey Department of Education.
Information on Evaluating High Schools
Information on reading the school report cards.
New Jersey Monthly
The web site for the popular NJ magazine. The September issue usually has a feature article on schools in NJ.
The Nation's Report Card
Contains state-by-state comparisons if you want to compare New Jersey with the other states.
School District Demographics
Contains demographic information on NJ school districts.
United States Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract
This page is maintained by the U.S. Census Bureau. Statistics and data on NJ public and private schools can be found on this site.
National Center for Education Statistics
Contains searchable databases with location and data information on NJ public and private schools.
Alliance for Excellent Education
This site provides NJ education data as compared to the national average.