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Emergency Management Collection


The Emergency Management collection at the New Jersey State Library is a collection of materials purchased with funds provided by the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management (NJOEM). The NJOEM receives a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to make these funds available. The purpose of this collection is to have materials available to New Jersey citizens, and to county and local emergency managers, government officials, emergency responders, teachers, engineers, and corporate emergency officials in New Jersey, that need to prepare for and manage different types of emergency situations.


The materials purchased for the Emergency Management collection are specifically selected for the use of all New Jersey citizens, therefore all items in this collection may circulate. New Jersey residents may borrow items by coming to the New Jersey State Library in person with appropriate identification indicating New Jersey residence, or they may request an item through their local public library and receive the item through an Interlibrary Loan. For more specific information about borrowing, please visit: Getting a Library Card.

Collection Policy

New materials are periodically added to the collection, and a printed catalog of items is available. For information on requesting a catalog, to make suggestions for the collection, or for any other questions, please contact Martha Sullivan.

You can also download the current catalog here: Emergency Management Collection 2008-2009.

Collection Acquisitions

Purchases made in 2009:

  • Antivirals for Pandemic Influenza: Guidance on Developing a Distribution and Dispensing Program, by the Committee on Implementation of Antiviral Medication Strategies for an Influenza Pandemic, et al., 2008.
  • Bioviolence: Preventing Biological Terror and Crime, by Barry Kellman, 2007.
  • Disaster Management Handbook, edited by Jack Pinkowski, 2008.
  • Disaster Policy and Politics: Emergency Management and Homeland Security, by Richard Sylves, 2008.
  • Filling the Ark: Animal Welfare in Disasters, by Leslie Irvine, 2009.
  • Food and Nutrition at Risk in America: Food Insecurity, Biotechnology, Food Safety and Bioterrorism, by Sari Edelstein, et al., 2009.
  • Global Warming, Natural Hazards and Emergency Management, edited by Jane A. Bullock, et al., 2009.
  • Handbook of Disaster Research, edited by Havidan Rodriguez, et al., 2007.
  • Hazardous Materials Handbook: Awareness and Operations Levels, by Chris Hawley, 2008.
  • Improving Disaster Management: The Role of IT in Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery by the Committee on Using Information Technology to Enhance Disaster Management, et al., 2007.
  • Pandemic Influenza: Emergency Planning and Community Preparedness, edited by Jeffrey R. Ryan, 2009.
  • Workplace Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Management, edited by R. Paul Maiden, et al., 2006.

Location Information

New Jersey State Library, Level 3 (published 2001 and later) and Level 1 (published prior to 2001)

Address: 185 West State St. (mailing address: PO Box 520), Trenton NJ 08625.

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Telephone: 609-278-2640 x103

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Librarian: Martha Sullivan