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History of the New Jersey A.M.E. Church

Morgan, Joseph H.  Morgan's History of the New Jersey Conference of the A.M.E. Church, from 1872 to 1887, and of the several churches, as far as possible, from date of organization with biographical sketches of members of the conference.

Camden, N.J. : S. Chew, Printer, Front and Market Streets. 1887.

This digital version of Morgan's rare History of the New Jersey A.M.E. Church, presented by the New Jersey State Library, is both searchable utilizing full Boolean logic and browsable. See the seach tips and database description pages for more information.

Morgan's rich History is divided into several parts. The first contains biographical sketches (along with some line portraits) of early church leaders. Following those are the histories of AME churches throughout the state,  including names of the founders, along with previous pastors, trustees, stewards, superintendents of Sunday-school, secretaries, assistants, teachers and librarians where available. Chapter III covers the organization and work of the conferences with summaries of the sessions, motions, addresses, and attendees. Chapter IV gives "expressions of opinion" from the conferences on matters such as education, the emigration of  blacks to Liberia, Chinese immigration, and the state of the country. Other sections include biographies of A.M.E. leaders from outside New Jersey, sabbath school and missionary work, statistics and obituaries.