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International Business Information

The following resources are helpful in researching information about global and international business opportunities.

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I. Search our catalog

Access our catalog here with the following suggested subject keywords:

  • Banks and banking, international
  • Commerce
  • Corporations, foreign
  • Foreign trade promotion
  • Foreign trade regulation
  • Import and export controls
  • International business enterprises
  • International trade
  • Investments, foreign

When searching our catalog for New Jersey-related materials, use the New Jersey subject keyword index.

II. Helpful Print Resources:

Canadian Almanac and Directory. Toronto, Canada: Copp Clark Publishing Co., 2010.
Call #: R917.1 C212c Reference-Level 4

Dictionary of International Trade: Handbook of the Global Trade Community includes 12 key appendices. (4th Ed.) Hinkelman, Edward. Novato, CA: World Trade Press, c2000.
Call #: R382.03 H663 Reference-Level 4

Dun & Bradstreet Exporters’ Encyclopaedia. New York, NY: Dun & Bradstreet International, 2007-2008.
Call #: R382.6 D897 Reference-Level 4

III. Print Indexes

Business Periodical Index. Call #: R016.65 B979 Located on level 4.

IV. Electronic Databases

Access our databases by subject listing and title listing.

Suggested keywords:

  • exporting
  • foreign investments
  • global business opportunities
  • imports
  • international trade

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V. Web sites

Country Backgrounds

Brint’s International Business and Technology
A portal with United States and World News, business information by country and subject, travel information, import-export, monetary, linguistic, and trade resources.  Brint's International links to worldwide newspapers, television stations and radio.
International Trade Administration
Country backgrounds include business etiquette, customs information and import documentation, financing regulations and controls, general economic and marketing information, and sector and specific production information. Select "all documents" to see everything available and when it was last updated.
Michigan State University’s Global Edge
Country Insights contains information on more than 190 countries; Global Resources provides international news, information about banks, stock exchanges and finance, trade leads, and reference tools; Market Potential Indicators 2002 ranks 24 countries identified as “Emerging Markets” by The Economist; and the Glossary contains definitions used in international business.
U.S. Dept. of State Background Notes
Background Notes offer similar information to that found in the World Factbook along with travel information and a paragraph on the country's relations with the USA. The information comes from State Department regional bureaus and the date of the most recent report is displayed.
World Bank World Development Indicators Database
The database is the World Bank's annual compilation of data about development and offers free sample tables. Data Query provides free access to a collection of data about development. "This segment includes 54 time series indicators for 208 countries and 18 groups, spanning 5 years (1997 to 2001)."
World Economic and Financial Surveys
Statistics on GDP in real and current prices, purchasing power parity, inflation and other indicators of economic development. Data tables are available for downloading in Comma Delimited, CSV text file format.
World Factbook
Covering more than 260 countries the CIA World Factbook provides maps, general background information, data on the population, climate and geography of the area as well as basic business information on imports and exports.


This is Canada’s Business and Consumer site and includes the Canadian Importers Database. Canadian company directories, trade and investment information, research tools, employment information, and licensing and legislation information are some of the resources found on the site.

Western Europe

EuroPages: The European Business Directory
Choose an interface in one of fourteen languages and then search this database of over 500,000 import/export companies. Made up of almost 80% small to medium sized companies selected because of market share, import-export sales, type of business and size. Search by product or service, company name, sector, country or region.
European Stock Exchanges
Links to all the European exchanges.
European Union
Links to the history, development, purposes, and functions of the European Union.

Other Regions

Arabian Business
Information about Arabian businesses, markets and industries can be found on the site.
Asia Development Bank
Dedicated to improving economic opportunities of its member countries, the Asia Development Bank site contains news, country information, and business opportunities.
Information for Africa
Country information, stock exchanges, company information, trade leads and employment links are available to businesses looking for information on Africa.
LANIC-Economy in Latin America
Latin American Network Information Center is sponsored by the University of Texas at Austin and provides Latin American business links, regional and by country.
Latin American Economic Outlook
The web version of the annual Latin American Economic Outlook offers country profiles and economic analysis.

Organizations Concerned with International Business

Federation of International Trade Associations (FITA)
Source for international trade leads and links to 8,000 international trade related sites.
United States Council for International Business (USCIB)
USCIB represents the interests of American companies on a wide range of issues from environment to labor relations.  Provides links to other international organizations such as, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), United Nations (UN), Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and International Labor Organization (ILO).
World Bank Organization
The World Bank compiles extensive statistical information about countries including data on education, health, nutrition, and population.; There is an online atlas with maps summarizing the World Bank’s World Development Indicators.
World Chambers of Commerce
The Worldwide Chambers of Commerce post international trade opportunities.  The site contains Chambers of Commerce directory, information center with company data, and news of fairs and exhibitions.
World Port Source
Directory of 4,571 ports in 196 countries with interactive satellite images, maps and contact information.
World Stock Exchanges
World Stock Exchanges lists the world stock exchanges, security commissions and other regulatory agencies.
World Trade Organization
WTO deals with the rules of trade between nations.  The site contains trade statistics, publications of the WTO, documents and legal texts.

Federal Government Export-Import Information

Commercial News USA
This publication helps American companies find buyers and distributors and is the official export promotion magazine of the U.S. Department of Commerce.
Customs and Border Protection
The site contains news, statistics, export and import information, international travel tips, and ports of entry details for conducting business overseas.
Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security
Bureau of Industry and Security provides information about policies and regulations, as well as licensing for international commerce.
This is the U.S. Government portal for all export assistance and market information offered by the federal government.   The site contains basic export information, trade leads, trade shows and events, and finance tips.
Foreign Trade Statistics
This Census Bureau site contains current and historical data back to 1991 on international trade, import and export figures, and balance of goods.
Office of the U.S. Trade Representative
Includes trade agreements, company information and news on trade topics.
Trade Stats Express
Quick links to the latest annual and quarterly trade statistics. Provides national and state export data.
United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service
Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS) offers programs to help businesses export and import products and services. FAS collects trade statistics, conducts research on countries for potential import-export possibilities, and provides information about programs to help companies export.
United States Department of State Business Center
U.S. business opportunities overseas, foreign government information, currency details, and tips on living abroad are some of the topics addressed on the Department of State’s Business site.

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