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Emergency Management - General Topics

New Jersey Office of Emergency Managment
The NJOEM page has emergency preparedness information for schools, government officials, businesses, special needs, and pets, as well as NJOEM programs and volunteer information.
American Red Cross - Plan and Prepare
Information on preparing for disasters of all types at home, school, work and community. Includes weather emergencies and terrorism.
Animal Emergency Preparedness - New Jersey
In New Jersey, the Department of Agriculture is the state agency responsible for animals in disasters. Information on livestock and domestic pets.
Animal Health - Disaster Preparedness (AVMA)
The American Veterinary Medical Association provides links to their disaster preparedness publications, as well as animal disaster plans and resources by state.
Chemical Hazards Emergency Medical Management
According to the description, this site will "enable first responders, first receivers, other healthcare providers, and planners to plan for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate the effects of mass-casualty incidents involving chemicals." There are main sections on the site for first responders, hospitals, and incident preparedness. Includes chemical identification guides, acute patient care guidelines and initial event activities.
One-stop U.S. Government site to find and apply for disaster assistance.
Disaster Information Management Research Center
Provided by the National Library of Medicine to improve access to the nation's disaster information.
Disasters - MedlinePlus
MedlinePlus, from the National Library of Medicine, has a listing to find information on disasters of all types - terrorism, radiation emergencies, natural disasters, etc. Links to high-quality resources, which also link out to research article citations in PubMed.
Emergency Preparedness and Response - CDC
A comprehensive site from the Centers for Disease Contol. Sections include bioterrorism emergencies, chemical emergencies, radiation emergencies, mass casualties, natural disasters, and severe weather. Has an A-Z index of agents, diseases, and other threats.
Evidence Aid - Resources
This organization provides access to systematic reviews of relevance to natural disasters and other humanitarian emergencies. From the site description, "Provides reliable, up-to-date evidence on interventions that might be considered in the context of natural disasters and other major healthcare emergencies." Major topic areas include treatment of burns, fracture management, physical trauma, PTSD, skin diseases, and water-related diseases.
FEMA - Disaster Information
Disaster information for all types of natural disasters is available on this site from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Tabs on the top of the page include "Plan, Prepare & Mitigate," "Disaster Survivor Assistance," and "Response & Recovery." In addition, links to grants, hazard mitigation assistance, and social media information is provided.
Radiation Event Medical Management (REMM)
Information on all types of radiological emergencies including dirty bombs, nuclear power plant accidents, nuclear explosions, and transportation accidents involving radiation. Other information includes initial event activities, information for health responders, patient management, and tools and guidelines. Designed for disaster response professionals. May be downloaded and used offline.
Safety Issues - MedlinePlus
MedlinePlus, from the National Library of Medicine, has a listing to find information on many safety topics. Includes auto safety, child safety, drug safety, food safety, occupational health, poisoning, and many others. Links to high-quality resources, which also link out to research article citations in PubMed.
Special Populations - Emergency and Disaster Preparedness
Special populations includes disabled, visually impaired, hearing impaired, seniors, children, and more. From the National Library of Medicine.
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Safety guides and education resources on a variety of safety related topics including bicycle safety, children's furniture, fire safety, holiday safety, poisoning prevention, and toy safety. Site can be viewed in Spanish.