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Mental Health

Guides on Multiple Topics | Finding Help | Psychology and Psychiatry | Specific Conditions

Guides on Multiple Topics and Conditions

American Psychological Association - Topics
Presents current information and news on a wide variety of psychology topics. Includes lists of books and videos published by the APA. The site provides a "Find a Psychologist" locator in the "Psychology Help Center" which can be searched by zip code or state and by area of specialization.
Disability Statistics
Find U.S. Disability Statistics using an interactive tool created by Cornell University, Employment and Disability Institute.
Disability Statistics Center
Information from the University of California, San Francisco, on finding and understanding disability statistics.
Mental Health and Behavior - MedlinePlus
A topical listing from the National Library of Medicine that links to high quality, trustworthy online sources. Topics include Teen Mental Health, Dual Diagnosis, Anxiety, Postpartum Depression and many others.
Mental Help Net
A general guide to mental health. Includes latest news, and information on disorders and treatments.
National Alliance on Mental Illness
A comprehensive site where you can find information on types of mental illnesses and treatment. Find local support organizations and policy and advocacy information. The link to "Support and Programs" includes legal information. You can also find links to state and local affiliates, such as the one in New Jersey.
National Institute of Mental Health
The main page of this extensive government site provides information on specific mental disorders, news and events relating to mental health, statistics, grants and contracts information, and information on finding treatment and clinical trials.
Psych Central
A respected mental health site with a wide variety of resources. Includes information on disorders, quizzes, discussion lists, and a medication library where people share experiences with particular drugs.

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Finding Help

Directory of Health Organizations - DIRLINE
A searchable database from the National Library of Medicine for locating organizations focused on particular conditions. This is an archival resource; as of October 1st, 2013 no new records will be added.
Health Hotlines
Database of toll-free numbers to health related organizations from the National Library of Medicine. Browse by subject or search by keyword. A Health Hotlines app is also available for download.
HealthyNJ - Mental Health
This Rutgers University site provides a wide range of information on many aspects of mental health. It also lists New Jersey-specific resources including behavioral health and crisis centers by region.
Mental Health America
Mental Health advocacy organization. Find information on various conditions and sources to locate help. Find support groups, therapy, and information about treatments.
Mental Health Services Locator
The Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provides resources by state for substance abuse treatment or mental health treatment.
National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY)
This site provided information and assistance for children with special needs. This group lost funding as of September 30th, 2013, but the wide range of resources on the web site remain available.
New Jersey Division of Mental Health Services
Web site from the State of New Jersey Department of Human Services. Find state services and resources including crisis centers, community services, county and state hospitals,
New Jersey MentalHealthCares
A portal to New Jersey mental health services. Includes mental health services for Superstorm Sandy survivors. Funded by the NJ Department of Human Services.
New Jersey Self Help Group Clearinghouse
Find support groups located in New Jersey by type of support or see all groups by county.
Self-Help Sourcebook OnLine
A guide to support groups and networks worldwide.

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Psychology and Psychiatry

Classics in the History of Psychology
Developed by Christopher D. Green of York University, Toronto, this web site makes available the full text of historically significant works in the fields of psychology and allied disciplines.
Different Between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist
Explanation from Psychology page in
Psychology: An Introduction
An introductory psychology text made available online. Written by Russel A. Dewey of Georgia Southern University.

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Specific Conditions

Autism Speaks
This site provides current information and research, and a comprehensive resource guide which covers all states. Information for advocacy and how to get involved in the community.
Bipolar Disorder - A NIMH Resource
This web site from the National Institute of Mental Health provides a wide range of information and materials relating to bipolar disorder. Topics on this site include causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, clinical trials, and living with bipolar disorder.
Depression - A NIMH Resource
This web site from the National Institute of Mental Health provides a wide range of information and materials relating to depression. Topics on this site include causes, diagnosis, treatment, medications, clinical trials and statistics.
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
This site has information on mood disorders, and information on finding treatment and peer support.
National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs National Center for PTSD offers resources for populations who may be dealing with PTSD. Topics include information about treatment, diagnosis, coping, and where to locate help.
PILOTS - PTSD Literature Database
Searchable index to worldwide literature on PTSD.

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