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II. Current Print Resources:

American Statistics Index, 1973-2001, Washington, DC: Congressional Information Service, 1973- .
Call # R016.3173 A512 —US Documents Reference, Level 4

Statistical Reference Index, 1981-, Washington, DC: Congressional Information Service, 1981- .
Call # R016.3173 S797 —Reference, Level 4

Statistical Abstract of the United States, 1903- , U. S. Bureau of the Census, Washington, DC: Bureau of the Census, 1903- 2012.
Call # C3.134: —US Documents Reference, Level 4

Historical statistics of the United States : earliest times to the present / editors in chief, Susan B. Carter ... [et al.].
New York : Cambridge University Press, c2006.
Call #: C3.134/2: H65 --- US Documents Reference, Level 4

Historical Statistics of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970.
by United States. Bureau of the Census.
Washington : U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, 1975.
Call#: C3.134/ 2:H62/ 789-970/ pt.1-2 --US Documents Reference, Level 4

Datapedia of the United States, 1790-....America year by year, 2000-, edited by Kurian, George Thomas, Lanham, MD: Bernan Press, 1994-.
Call #C3.134/2:D23x/ —US Documents Reference, Level 4

Almanac of the 50 States, 1987- , Burlington, VT: Information Publications, 1985-.
Call #R317.3 A445 —Reference, Level 4

The New Jersey Municipal Data Book, 1981- , New Jersey Associates, Montclair, NJ: New Jersey Associates, 1981- .
Call #J352 N548 —Jerseyana, Level 4

III. Electronic Databases

Access our databases by subject listing and title listing.

Statistical Abstract of the U.S.
An authoritative and comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic conditions of the United States.

ProQuest Statistical Insight
Statistical resources from federal, state, international, and private resources providing a variety of economic, demographic, and social data. Remote access for authorized users. 
An authoritative and comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic conditions of the United States.
Historical Statistics of the United States Millennial Edition Online
Provides access to data on social, behavioral, humanistic, and natural sciences including history, economics, government, finance, sociology, demography, education, law, natural resources, climate, religion, international migration and trade. remote access for authorized users

IV. Web sites

Agriculture Department (USDA) Economics and Statistics System
Reports and datasets from the economic agencies of USDA. Covers U.S. and international agriculture. Accessible by searching titles and descriptions or browsing subject groupings.
American FactFinder
User friendly version of Census Bureau products and information. Primary source of Census 2010 information and Economic Census data as well as surveys and estimates. Good source for reference and thematic maps. Searchable by keyword, place name, and street address.
Bureau of Economic Analysis
Provides economic accounts data including interactive access allowing table extraction and manipulation. National economic accounts on the production, distribution and use of the nation's output, regional economic accounts with estimates of personal income, population, and employment for regions, States, metropolitan areas, and counties, and international economic accounts providing balance of payments and estimates of U.S. direct investment abroad and foreign direct investment in the U. S are available. The Survey of Current Business provides a monthly compendia of economic information.
Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)
Criminal justice statistics on crimes and victims, offenders, and the justice system as well as links to other sources such as the FBI.
Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
Redesigned and more user friendly site. Provides "At a Glance" tables for quick entree and topical access to inflation and consumer spending, wages and earnings, worker safety and health, productivity, and international data and an assortment of demographics. Handy new tools include an inflation calculator and a wage query page. Includes the online magazines: Monthly Labor Review,  and Occupational Outlook Quarterly.
Census 2000 Gateway
Guide to Census 2000 concepts and data.
Census 2010
Guide to State and Local Census Geography, the US Census Bureau updated this publication based on geography for the 2010 Census. 
Census Bureau
Premier statistical producer for the nation with a broad range of demographic and economic data. State and County QuickFacts provide popular national, state, and county data. American FactFinder helps locate or build data tables and maps using decennial and economic census data as well as surveys and estimates. The American Community Survey now provides updated demographic data for states, counties, and some cities. Easy Stats is a new Census tool to find current American Community Survey demographic and economic statistics
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Provides access to health and travel data and the MMWR and provides links to the National Center for Health Statistics, a master site for health related statistics with access to products such as the National Vital Statistics Reports and Vital Statistics of the US.
Provides public access to high value, machine readable datasets generated by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.
Guide to regional economic activity on the Web. Links to over 800 socioeconomic data sources arranged by subject and provider with the top 10 highlighted. Includes access tools to multiple data series, statistical compendia, search engines, regional analyses, socioeconomic forecasts, and mapping resources and more.
Energy Information Administration
Fuel and energy prices and data. Includes state energy profiles and state energy consumption profiles. Key-word searchable index.
Health Resources and Services Administration
HRSD's Health Center Data provides access to a variety of data, including patient demographics, services provided, staffing, clinical indicators, utilization rates, costs, and revenues.
KIDS COUNT Census Data Online
Indicators of child well-being from Census 2000 compiled by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Includes national, state, county, and large city data.
Good source for current statistical details about many countries although there are some gaps. Graphing capability and links to flags and maps are available.
National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
Computer readable criminal justice data collections from ICPSR for research and instruction. Downloadable access to over 550 data collections. Does not include current published reports and data many of which are available from the Bureau of Justice Statistics.
National Center for Education Statistics
Publications, data, and information on education. The compendium Education Statistics at a Glance brings together data from several publications with subject and key word access.
National Center for Health Statistics
Master site for health related statistics with access to products such as the National Vital Statistics Reports and Vital Statistics of the US.
National Science Foundation
Includes the comprehensive Science and Engineering Indicators as well as providing survey reports on science and engineering education, the scientific and engineering workforce, research and development funding and performance. Also includes the interactive databases, WebCASPAR and SESTAT.
New Jersey Labor Market Information
Federal and state demographic and economic data and projections on New Jersey.

New Jersey State Data Center - The New Jersey State Data Center (NJSDC), in partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau, provides general information on New Jersey population, housing and the economy.  The NJSDC provides frequently requested US Census Bureau information at the national, state, county and municipal level.
      2010 American Community Survey
      57-Page Profiles from the 2010 Decennial Census Summary File 1 for all  New Jersey Municipalities

       Summary File 2 Data for New Jersey-2010 Census
       100% Data from Short Form Census 2010

USA Trade Online
Provides U. S. export and import information by commodity. Consult librarian at the NJ State Library for passworded access; also available by subscription.
State Data Centers
Census Bureau sponsored consortium of agencies from 50 states providing Census Bureau and state statistical data.
Statistics of U.S. Businesses
A longitudinal data file from the U.S. Census Bureau and Small Business Administration that lets data users see the effects of firm births, deaths, expansions and contractions. You can find data on these dynamic changes in employment for states and U.S. metropolitan areas at the major industry level for recent years.
Tax Statistics
Information on the financial composition of individuals, business taxpayers, tax exempt organizations and more from data collected by the Internal Revenue Service. Includes some state level data.
Replaces the National Transportation Data Archive. Includes a searchable index of over 100 transportation related data bases. Selective downloads, documentation, interactive analytical tools are also available. Mapping applications include the National Transportation Atlas data base.
United States Historical Census Data Browser
Data on the people and economy of the U.S. for each state and county from 1790 to 1960. Produced by the ICPSR from Census Bureau data.
Zip Code (Community Information)
Compendia of sites with population, education, health, environment, business and political information arranged by zip code. Includes explanations and finding tools for zip codes.

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