Part VI: And that the Lands may be more regularlie laid out..

i. The Governor and Councell (and Assembly if any be) are to take care and direct that all Lands be devided by Generall Lotts, none lesse than 2100 acres, nor more than 21000 Acres in each Lott, Excepting Citties Townes &c: and the near lotts of Townshipps, And that the same be devided into seaven parts one seaventh part by Lott to us our heires and assignes, the remainder to persons as they come to plant the same in such proporc'ons as is allowed.

ii. ITEM that the Governor, or whom he shall depute in case of Death, or absence, if some one be not before Com'issionated by us as aforesaid doe give to every person to whom Land is due, a Warrant Signed and sealed by himselfe, and the Major part of his Councell, and directed to the Surveyor Generall or his Deputie com'anding him to lay our Limitt and bound acres of land (as his due proporc'on is) for such a person in such Allottment, according to which Warrant the Register having first Recorded the same, and attested the record upon the Warrant, the Surveyor Generall or his Deputy shall proceed and certifie to the cheife Secretary or Register the name of the person for whom he hath laid out land by Virtue of what Authority, the date of the Authoritie or Warrant, the number of acres, the bounds, and on what point of the Compasse the severall limitts thereof lye, which Certificate the Register is likewise to enter in a booke to be prepared for that purpose with an Alphabeticall table referring to the booke, that soe the Certificate may bee the easier found, and then to file the Certificates and the same to keep safelye, The Certificate being entred a Warrant comprehending all the perticulers of the Land menc'oned in the Certificate aforesaid is to be signed and sealed by him and his Councell or the major part of them as aforesaid (they haveing seen the entry) and directed to the Register or cheife Secretary for his preparing a Graunt of the Land to the partie for whom it is laid out, which graunt shall bee in the forme following viz.

THE LORDS PROPRIATORS of the Province of New Cesaria or New Jersey doe hereby Graunt unto A B of the ......... in the Province aforesaid A plantation conteyning ........ acres English measure bounding (as in the Certificates) TO HOLD to him (or her) his (or her) heires and assignes for ever, Yeilding and paying yearly to the said Lord Propriators their heires or assignes every 25th day of March according to the English account, One halfe penny [or One penny] of lawfull money of England for every of the said acres. To be holden of the Manor of ............ in free and comon Soccage; the first payment of which Rent to begin the 25th day of March which shall be in the year of our Lord according to the English account 1670. Given under the seale of the said Province the ____ day of ________ in the yeare of our Lord 16__

iii. To which Instrument the Governor or his deputy hath hereby full power to put the Seale of the said Province and to subscribe his name as alsoe the Councell or the major part of them are to subscribe their names, And then the Instrument or Grant is to be by the Register recorded in a booke of Records for that purpose, All which being done according to those instrucc'ons Wee hereby declare that the same shall be effectuall in Law for the enjoyment of the said Plantation and all the benefitts and profitts of and in the same (except the halfe part of mines of Gold and Silver) paying the Rent as aforesaid, PROVIDED that if any Plantacon soe graunted shall by the space of Three yeares be neglected to be planted with a sufficient number of Servants as is before menc'oned That then it shall be lawfull for us otherwise to dispose thereof in whole or in part, this Grant notwithstanding.

iiii. ITEM wee doe alsoe graunt convenient proporc'ons of Land for highwaies and for Streets not exceeding 100 foote in bredth in Citties Town's and Villages &c. for Churches fforts Wharfes Keyes Harbours and for publique houses, And to each Parish for the use of their Minister 200 acres in such places as the Generall Assembly shall appoint.

v. ITEM the Governor is to take notice that all such Lands laid out for the uses and purposes aforesaid in the next preceding Article shall be free and exempt from all Rents Taxes and other charges and duties whatsoever payable to us our heires or assignes.

vi. ITEM that in layeing out Lands for Citties Townes Villages Burroughs or other Hamletts, the said lands be devided into seaven parts, one seaventh part whereof to be by Lott laid out for us and the rest devided to such as shalbe willing to build thereon, they paying after the rate of one halfe penny or one penny p'acre according to the value of the Lands yearely to us as for their other Land as aforesaid Which said Lands in Citties Townes &c. is to be assured to each possessor by the same way and instrument as is before menc'oned.

vii. ITEM that the inhabitants of the said Province have free passage through or by any Seas bounds creeks rivers rivuletts &c. in the said Province through or by which they must necessarilie passe to [or?] come from the maine Ocean to any part of the Province aforesaid.

viii.Lastlie it shall be lawfull for the Representatives of the ffreeholders to make any Addresse to the Lords touching the Governor and Councell or any of them for or concerning any Greivances whatsoever or for any other thing they shall desire, without the consent of the Governor and Councell or any of them. [GIVEN Under our Seal of our said Province the Tenth day of February in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Six Hundred Sixty and Four.

John Berkley
G. Carteret.]

(The copy from which the foregoing was printed was without the closing paragraph and signatures, which are taken from the printed copy in the "Grants and Concessions," as published by Leaming & Spicer, which differs in orthography and other minor particulars. Ed.)

From a contemporaneous parchment copy brought to West Jersey by John Fenwick. The original copy was destroyed by fire in April, 1686.

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