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Seventh Regiment - Infantry - Volunteers.

The Seventh Regiment was organized under the provisions of an Act of Congress, approved July 22, 1861, as set forth in an official letter from the President of the United States, dated Washington, D. C., July 24, 1861, and from War Department, Washington, D. C., dated July 29, 1861. The Regiment was fully organized, officered and equipped by the 3d day of September, and although the strength of the Regiment was below the maximum as required, it was duly mustered into the service of the United States, for three years, at Camp Olden, Trenton, N. J., by Charles H. Brightly, First Lieutenant, Fourth Infantry, U. S. Army. At the urgent request of the Government that the Regiment be forwarded to the seat of war, seven companies were dispatched to Washington, September 19th, and reported for duty the following day; the remaining three companies were recruited up to the number required, and left the State October 3d, and joined the Regiment at Washington. The strength of the Regiment being - Officers, 38; Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates, 882. Total, 920. Upon arrival at Washington the Regiment went into Camp at Meridian Hill, D. C., and there remained until the early part of December, 1861, at which time, in connection with the Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Regiments, they were ordered to report under command of Colonel Samuel H. Starr, Fifth Regiment, (the senior officer,) to General Joseph Hooker, U. S. Volunteers, near Budd's Ferry, Md., where they were brigaded and designated the Third Brigade, Hooker's Division. In the spring of 1862, Company B was disbanded, and the enlisted men were assigned by transfer to different Companies in the Regiment, and under the provisions of Special Orders, No. 134, Par. 7, dated War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Washington, D. C., June 14, 1862, an independent company, commanded by Captain Edward G. Sloat, then at Alexandria, Va., was assigned to the Regiment, and designated Company B. Under the provisions of General Orders, No. 191, War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Washington, D. C., June 25, 1863, a large number of the enlisted men re-enlisted in the field, for three years or during the war. Those who did not re-enlist and whose term of service having expired, reported by order at Trenton, N. J., and were mustered out by James W. Long, Captain Second Infantry, U. S. Army, October 7, 1864. Those who remained were consolidated into and were known as the Seventh Battalion, and so remained until the 6th of November, 1864, at which time the Fifth Battalion was joined to it by transfer. The command was then re-organized and resumed its regimental organization. At different times during the years 1864 and 1865 the strength of the Regiment was augmented by the joining from Draft Rendezvous, Trenton, N. J., of large numbers of substitutes. The Regiment continued its organization until the close of the war, and those coming under the provisions of General Orders 26, Head Quarters Army of the Potomac, dated May 17, 1865, were discharged at Washington, D. C., June 4, 1865, the remainder were mustered out of service near Washington, D. C., July 17, 1865, by Timothy W. Kelly, Captain 164th Regiment Infantry, New York Volunteers, Assistant Commissary of Musters, Second Division, Provisional Corps, Army of the Potomac, in compliance with orders from War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Washington, D. C., July 7, 1865.

This Regiment constituted one of the Four Regiments composing what was generally known as the Second Brigade, New Jersey Volunteers, and was first attached to the Third Brigade, Hooker's Division; afterward to the Third Brigade, Second Division, Third Corps; then to the First Brigade, Fourth Division, Second Corps; then to the Third Brigade, Third Division, Second Corps; and at the close of the war was attached to what was known as the Provisional Corps, Army of the Potomac.

The Regiment took part in the following engagements: Siege of Yorktown, Va, April and May, '62; Williamsburg, Va., May 5, '62; Fair Oaks, Va., June 1 and 2, '62; Seven Pines, Va., June 25, '62; Savage Station, Va., June 29, '62; Glendale, Va., June 30, '62; Malvern Hill, Va., July 1, '62; Malvern, Hill, Va., August 5, '62; Bristow Station, Va., August 27, '62; Bull Run, Va., August 29 and 30, '62; Chantilly, Va., Sept. 1, '62; Centreville, Va., Sept. 2, '62; Fredericksburg, Va., Dec. 13 and 14, '62; Chancellorsville, Va., May 3 and 4, '63; Gettysburg, Pa., July 2 and 3, '63; Wapping Heights, Va., July 24, '63; McLean's Ford, Va., Oct. 15, '63; Mine Run, Va., Nov. 29, 30 and Dec. 1, '63; Wilderness, Va., May 5 to 7, '64; Spottsylvania, Va., May 8 to 11, '64; Spottsylvania C. H., Va., May 12 to 18, '64; North Anna River, Va., May 23 and 24, '64; Tolopotomy Creek, Va., May 30 and 31, '64; Cold Harbor, Va., June 1 to 5, '64; Before Petersburg, Va., June 16 to 23, '64; Deep Bottom, Va., July 26 and 27, '64; Mine Explosion, Va., July 30, '64; North Bank of James River, Va., August 14 to 18, '64; Fort Sedgwick, Va., Sept. 10, '64; Poplar Spring Church, Va., Oct. 2, '64; Boydton Plank Road, Va., Oct. 27, '64; Fort Morton, Va., Nov. 5, '64; Hatcher's Run, Va., Feb. 5 to 7, '65; Armstrong House, Va., March 25, '65; Boydton Plank Road, Va., (Capture of Petersburg,) April 2, '65; Amelia Springs, Va., April 6, '65; Farmville, Va., April 6 and 7, '65; Lee's Surrender, (Appomattox, Va.,) April 9, '65.

Field and Staff, Seventh Regiment.

1 Joseph W. Revere Colonel Aug. 31, '61 Aug. 31, '61 3 Yrs    Promoted Brig. Gen. U. S. Vols., Oct. 25, '62.
2 Louis R. Francine Colonel Dec. 9, '62 Jan. 13, '63 3 Yrs    Capt. Co. A, Sept. 18, '61; Lieut. Col. July 8, '62; Col. vice Revere promoted; died July 16, '63, of wounds received in action at Gettysburg, Pa.; Bvt. Brig. Gen. July 2, '63.
3 Francis Price Jr Colonel July 23, '63 Nov. 6, '64 3 Yrs July 17, '65 Adj. Sept. 2, '61; Maj. March 31, '62; discharged July 31, '62; discharge revoked Nov. 12, '62; Lieut. Col. Dec. 9, '62; Col. vice Francine died; Bvt. Brig. Gen. March 13, '65.
1 Ezra A. Carman Lieut. Col Sept. 4, '61 Sept. 19, '61 3 Yrs    Promoted Col. 13th Reg., July 8, '62.
2 Daniel Hart Lieut. Col Mar. 20, '65 April 1, '65 3 Yrs July 17, '65 Capt. Co. C, Sept. 5, '62; Maj. Feb. 23, '65; Lieut. Col. vice Price promoted; Bvt. Lieut. Col. April 9, '65.
1 J. Dallas McIntosh Major Sept. 18, '61 Sept. 19, '61 3 Yrs    Resigned Feb. 6, '62.
2 Frederick Cooper Major Jan. 8, '63 Jan. 13, '63 3 Yrs Oct. 7, '64 Capt. Co. F, Sept. 18, '61; Maj. vice Price promoted; Com. Lieut. Col. Sept. 4, '63; not mustered; Bvt. Col. March 13, '65.
3 Charles H. Fosselman Major Mar. 20, '65 April 1, '65 3 Yrs July 17, '65 1st Lieut. Co. C, Jan. 28, '64; Adj. Sept. 19, '64; Maj. vice Hart promoted.
1 Alpheus Witherell Adjutant Oct. 31, '62 Jan. 13, '63 3 Yrs    1st Lieut. Co. F, Sept. 18, '61; Adj. vice Price promoted; promoted Capt. Co. F, Jan. 18, '63.
2 Charles R. Dougherty Adjutant Sept. 10, '63 Sept. 10, '63 3 Yrs    1st Lieut. Co. H, Feb. 23, '63; Adj. vice Witherell promoted; Discharged Sept. 12, '64 - Wounds received in action; S. O. 302, Par. 59, War Dept., A. G. O., Washington, D. C.

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