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Twenty-seventh Regiment - Infantry - Volunteers.

The Twenty-seventh Regiment was organized under the provisions of an Act of Congress, approved July 22, 1861, and under existing orders governing the enrollment of troops. A draft for ten thousand four hundred and seventy-eight men, to serve for nine months, unless sooner discharged, had been made upon the Governor of this State by the President of the United States, August 4, 1862, and soon after full instructions for conducting it were received from the War Department. The draft so ordered, was not to interfere with orders governing recruiting, and all enlistments up to September 1st, 1862, would be placed to the credit of the State. A general desire manifested and expressed by the State authorities as well as by prominent citizens throughout the State to avoid the draft, gave an enthusiasm to recruiting which caused the entire quota to be raised by voluntary enlistment, and in Camp by the 3d day of September, 1862, the time appointed for commencing the draft. The organization of the Regiment was fully completed, officered and equipped by the 19th day of September, 1862, at which time the command, consisting of eleven Companies, was duly mustered into the service of the United States for nine months, at Newark, N. J., by Samuel M. Sprole, Captain Fourth Infantry, United States Army, having a full complement of men. Officers, 41; Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates, 1,038. Total, 1,079. It left the State October 10, 1862, en route to Washington, D. C. Upon arrival it went into Camp on Capitol Hill, D. C., but soon after crossed into Virginia, encamped near Alexandria and was assigned to the Second Brigade, Casey's Division, Defences of Washington. The Regiment remained at this point perfecting itself for active service, until December 1st, 1862, when under orders it marched to the front and joined the Army of the Potomac, having been assigned to the Ninth Army Corps. On the 11th of February, 1863, the Regiment in connection with the Ninth Corps, left the Army of the Potomac, and proceeded to Newport News, Va., to assist in repelling a threatened invasion by the enemy, near Suffolk. It remained in this vicinity until the 19th of March, 1863, at which time by order of the War Department, it was detached with the Ninth Army Corps for service in the West. While in this Department, by an unfortunate accident the Regiment lost one officer and thirty-two enlisted men by drowning, in crossing the Cumberland river, near Somerset, Ky., on the 6th day of May, 1863. The Regiment continued its organization and remained in active service until the expiration of its term of service, when it was ordered to return to New Jersey for discharge. On arrival at Cincinnati, Ohio, June 17, 1863, information having reached the Regiment of the intended invasion of Pennsylvania by General Lee, with the Rebel Army in strength, the command was immediately tendered to the President of the United States and accepted: The Regiment remained in the vicinity of Pittsburg and Harrisburg for ten days, and until the threatened danger had passed. It then continued its return to New Jersey and was mustered out of service at Newark, N. J., July 2, 1863, by George H. Burns, First Lieutenant Fifteenth Infantry, United States Army.

The Regiment was first attached to the Second Brigade, Casey's Division, Defences of Washington, D. C.; then to the Second Brigade, First Division, Ninth Army Corps.

The Regiment took part in the following engagement: Fredericksburg, Va., Dec. 13 and 14, '62.

Field and Staff, Twenty-seventh Regiment.

1 George W. Mindil Colonel Oct. 3, '62 Oct. 9, '62 9 Mos July 2, '63   
1 Edwin S. Babcock Lieut. Col Sept. 23, '62 Sept. 25, '62 9 Mos July 2, '63   
1 Augustus D. Blanchet Major Sept. 23, '62 Sept. 25, '62 9 Mos    Capt. Co. E, Sept. 3, '62; Maj. to fill original vacancy; discharged April 29, '63 - Disability.
2 Henry F. Willis Major May 1, '63 May 1, '63 9 Mos July 2, '63 Capt. Co. L, Sept. 2, '62; Maj. vice Blanchet discharged.
1 J. Kearney Smith Adjutant Oct. 9, '62 Oct. 9, '62 9 Mos    Serj. Co. C, 1st Reg.; promoted Capt. Co. K, Nov. 11, '62.
2 William H. Lambert Adjutant Nov. 11, '62 Nov. 27, '62 9 Mos July 2, '63 Private Anderson Troop; Com. Adj. vice Smith promoted.
1 James B. Titman Qr. Mr Oct. 9, '62 Oct. 9, '62 9 Mos July 2, '63   
1 John B. Richmond Surgeon Oct. 9, '62 Oct. 9, '62 9 Mos July 2, '63   
1 J. Henry Stiger Asst. Surg Oct. 9, '62 Oct. 9, '62 9 Mos July 2, '63   
2 Charles H. Suydam Asst. Surg Mar. 18, '63 Mar. 18, '63 9 Mos July 2, '63   
1 John Faull Chaplain Oct. 9, '62 Oct. 14, '62 9 Mos July 2, '63   

Non-Commissioned Staff.

1 John H. Medcraft Serj. Maj Sept. 3, '62 Sept. 19, '62 9 Mos    Private Co. E; Serj. Maj. Sept. 19, '62; promoted 2d Lieut. Co. I, April 20, '63.
2 Theodore Neighbor Serj. Maj Sept. 3, '62 Sept. 19, '62 9 Mos July 2, '63 Serj. Co. C; Serj. Maj. April 20, '63.
1 James A. Murdock Qr. Mr. Serj Sept. 3, '62 Oct. 16, '62 9 Mos July 2, '63 Private Co. L; Qr. Mr. Serj. Oct. 16, '62.
1 John Baldwin Com. Serj Sept. 3, '62 Oct. 16, '62 9 Mos July 2, '63 Private Co. L; Com. Serj. Oct. 16, '62.
1 Morris Coss Hosp. Stew Sept. 3, '62 Sept. 19, '62 9 Mos    Private Sept. 3, '62; Hosp. Steward Sept. 19, '62; Private Co. A, Jan. 1, '63.
2 D. Judson Cook Hosp. Stew Sept. 3, '62 Sept. 19, '62 9 Mos July 2, '63 Private Co. C; Hosp. Steward Jan. 1, '63.

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