N.J. Constitutional Convention: Vol. 2, Page 947


The following biographies are based on those submitted by the delegates to the Constitutional Convention of New Jersey held at Rutgers University, the State University of New Jersey, from June 12 to September 10, 1947. The biographies appear in alphabetical order.

CHARLES K. BARTON (Passaic County)

Mr. Barton was born August 16, 1886, in Paterson, N. J.

He is a member of the bar with offices at 126 Market Street, and resides at 934 East 22nd Street, Paterson, N. J. He attended Paterson public schools and New York Law School.

He is Vice-President and Counsel of the United States Trust Company of Paterson, former Deputy Register of Deeds of Passaic County, former member of the Passaic County Sinking Fund Commission, former President of the Police and Fire Commission of Paterson, former President of the Paterson Welfare Commission, former President of the Board of Education of Paterson and now a member of the Finance Commission of Paterson.

Mr. Barton is married and father of two daughters and one son, and has three granddaughters.

He was elected to the Senate for the first time at the November, 1942, election, and was re-elected in 1945. In 1946 he was majority leader and in 1947 he was Senate President.

He served as Acting Governor during Governor Alfred E. Driscoll's absence from the State in July 1947.

JANE E. BARUS (Essex County)

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1892. Family moved to New Jersey in 1895. Graduated from Miss Beard's School of Orange, and from Smith College in 1913. Member of Phi Beta Kappa Society. Taught Mathematics at Miss Beard's School. Married in 1915 to Maxwell Barus, now a partner in the law firm of Fish, Richardson and Neave of New York City. Four children, three of whom served in the Navy during the war, and one grandchild. Took a Master of Arts degree at New York University in 1942. Now living at 75 Llewellyn Road, Montclair, with summer home on Cape Cod.

Has done volunteer work in various civic and social welfare fields. Trustee of the Brookside School of Montclair, and of the Booker T. Washington Community Hospital of Newark. Lecturer on Parent Education. Chairman of Mayor's Committee on Housing in 1937, and Chairman of Montclair Housing Authority 1938 - 1943. Served on local USO Committee during war. Main interest and occupation the League of Women Voters, holding several local and state offices. President of the Montclair League and of the New Jersey League 1943 - 1947. Member of the Essex County Council against Discrimination, under the Fair Employment Practices Act of New Jersey.

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