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Interlibrary Loan Information for State Employees and TESC Staff, Students and Mentors

Materials not owned by the State Library can often be borrowed from other libraries through interlibrary loan (ILL).

This service is available for New Jersey state employees, Thomas Edison State College staff, and TESC students and mentors who can pick up and return materials to the State Library in Trenton.

New Jersey residents who are registered State Library borrowers may use JerseyCat. All others should contact their local public libraries for ILL services.

The State Library will pay interlibrary loan fees up to $20 for work-related items requested by state employees and Thomas Edison State College staff. Non-work related items that incur charges may be obtained if the requestor assumes the cost, which must be paid upon receipt of the book or article. The Library will make every effort to obtain the material free of charge from another library.

We will request books and journal articles via our interlibrary loan service for TESC students and mentors. However, students and mentors will be asked for advance payment of any fees imposed by the supplying library.

  • Photocopies obtained via ILL will be mailed or emailed to all TESC requestors.
  • Any books obtained for students and mentors must be picked up at the Library's Circulation desk; we will not mail ILL'd books to you. If you do not live in the Trenton area, use your local public library to request books via interlibrary loan.

Because of the long-term nature of their use, we will not place requests for text books through interlibrary loan.

We will contact you if there are any problems or questions concerning your request. All ILL borrowers must be registered State Library borrowers.

If you have any questions concerning interlibrary loan services, please contact Scherelene Schatz at 609-278-2640 ext. 171 or Donna Remely at 609-278-2640 ext. 155.